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Title Signindument/ Organization / email address marcio.schenkel@gmail.com
Location: Porto Alegre/ Brasil
Ramit Sethi I love hearing about how others use PBwiki and how we can make it better. Co-founder, Pbwiki, ramit@pbwiki.com  

Harold Horne PBwiki seems to be the most user friendly, easy to understand wiki available today. With PBwiki you can create something useful with a minimal time investment, leaving to work on what you are actually working on, instead of playing with the wiki system all of the time. A useful tool. Information Systems Manager, United Indian Health Services, Inc    
Jackie Keller I love it for its ease of use and the powerful tool for collaboration. I am currently working with a group of teachers from all over our district and we are setting up a wiki to use for the entire school year so we can collaborate on technology integration best practices. We learn best when we teach others or see examples of successes. Library Information Specialist  

Sylvia Hernandez It is an easy way to get out information to teachers on the web without having to create a sophisticated website. It is quick and easy to make edits and a great tool to collaborate with colleagues. It's also great if you don't have access to your school's server space. Instructional Technology Specialist    
Lindsay Ure It is extremely user friendly, from the short videos explaining how it works, to the Point and Click Editor and the cool plugins. There is great support in the forums and the blog. Librarian    
Rachel Alley Because it's ridiculously easy to use, that if you know how to use MS Word, you're set. We use it all over our library for user group meetings, for news collection, for our unit and division meeting agendas. It's fabulous InterAction Data Steward    
Joyce Houle I appreciate PBwiki because one person no longer has to be the only person maintaining the web site. It's difficult for information to be updated often when everything needs to be channeled through one busy webmaster. More people use the site if it is dynamic and includes the work of all members. Instructor, Education Department of Blue Mountain Community College    
Robin Martin It is VERY easy to use. Teachers want quick and easy ways to post materials for their students. They want a web presence that can be edited from multiple computers(home, school, any computer at school). Thanks for making this simple. Instructor    
Justin Wylie I started using PBwiki at the start of my teaching methods courses in college and have been using them more and more, especially since I started student teaching. It's so easy to create a site to help guide students along with projects (I've created these for my German and English classes). I have also found that it's a good way to make handouts available to students who are absent or lost them without having to continually make extra copies for everyone - I can just point them at the web address. I post links to my PBwiki sites on Rockford's "homework on the web" site so that parents can access project guidelines as well. I've only hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I have tried with PBwiki, but I'm already very impressed, and I will definitely keep using it when I have a classroom of my own. Student Teacher, Rockford High School Freshman Center Rockford, Michigan  
Joel Solomon I started using PB Wiki a year ago, and have been hooked ever since. It's easy to use, and easy to teach others how to use, too, especially with the new Point-and-Click-Editor feature! Our district is pretty much using PB Wiki exclusively for online collaboration and discussions. The possibilities are endless for sharing, collaborating, and learning in the 21st century. Instructional Technology Coach Denver, Colorado

Jens Schroeter I love the approach of your product but still have some problems. Most irritating is that I can not copy&paste when beeing in point & click mode. So I have to switch to the "souce"-mode every time I insert texts. There's also room for improvement in the Portfolio section. Nearly no document appears in a way that I can use (most of tables run completely out of format), the .ppt's too can not be used for presentations. You'd better wait or mark these services as beta - otherwise you may raise expectations you can not fulfill. But anyway, I think it's a easy and fun way to play around with wikis Senior Training Consultant New York  
Michael Ellerbrook I think the interactive style is accessable to any level user. This is essential for teaching since every student is different, and every teacher is also at different levels. Teacher    
Robert Blackman It can be used to generate interest and get students more involved in the lesson. It also helps students take responsibility for their own learning. computer teacher    
Kathryn Weaver They are a greatway to access student learning! Students enjoy creating them! Great for group projects...they hold every person accountable! Media Specialist    
Karen Nelson I using the Wiki several ways, one as class website and two as a student resource to support things we are working in class. Today after school I got an email from a student asking for the password so he could add content. An hour later I got the wiki not Teacher/Techology Leader    
Kern Kelley PBwiki is one of the easiest ways to get teachers to create an online presence without being intimidated or having to learn code. When teachers lives are made easier, then students benefit and that's why I love PBwiki! Technology Integrator    
TerryLynn Archer It makes me feel hip to use one. teacher/mentor    
Kelly Bauer I think it's fantastic. Easy to edit and use, appropriate for students even with low computer skills. Teacher    
Shannon Petras Why don't I? You guys have SAVED me! No more diskettes with viruses in my new computers. No more students whining that they were absent and unable to complete the assignment. Prestige for both the Library and the English department in showing parents what School Librarian    
Thomas Irving Because it allows the knowledge-sharing that starts in the conference to go on all year; and creates a living record of it for people who couldn't attend! Campaigning Scoieties Coordinator    
Garry Dole Because it's a collaborative effort that pulls together (in one location) the best each member of the group has to offer in an easily accessible format. Science Resources Coordinator    
Martin Terre Blanche Simple, clean, quick collaboration. No unnecessary sign-in hurdles etc. Good WYSIWYG editor. Associate Professor, Dept of Psychology, University of South Africa    
Gianfranco Giacobino It is a nice e-notebook for all my students.      
Shayne Russell It's very easy to set up and use and does not require downloading or saving anything to the school's server. Kids think it's cool. Library Media Specialist    
Kimberly Tanner It is an easy way for students to have access to materials and to create WIKI's themselves for projects. We love our WIKI creations!!! Special Education    
Carol Mullen-O'Leary It allows the for great student participation Library Media Specialist    
Lynn Ortlieb It's an excellent way of communicating infomation within a divergent population, while using a cool forum. School Media Specialist    
Pauline Luther It is just as easy as making a pb sandwich! Florida Master Digital Educator    
Susan Philhower It is a wonderful supplement to the formal CMS system we currently use, perfectly suited to the more informal, collaborative and learner centered work we encourage in our faculty training. Learning Assessment and Instructional Design Specialist    
John Duggan Because not only can I use a premium version of PBWiki as a mainpage (with links to the student group PBWikis), but each group of students working on their research can have their own PBWiki to collaborate. Easy for them to master without a lot of explana Professor    
Karla Biggs I like that we can control the privacy Computer Science Teacher    
Beatheia Jackson I have two ways of looking up my information, instructions are easy in using the wiki, questions are answered in terms that I can understand, etc. The list goes on and on, but I am very happy using this product. Reference Librarian    
Nancy Kaida It's really user-friendly and intuitive. I love that anyone can become a webmaster; PBwiki allows users to create web pages on-the-fly. Public Service Librarian    
Penny Gardner It enables our students to work on group projects - our part time students find it especially useful. Senior Lecturer    
Liz Kleinfeld It's free and easy! English Faculty    
Pamela Whitehouse Because it is free and readily accessible to my students. And the interface is well designed and intuitive. Assistant Professor    
Joel Solomon It's a GREAT tool for online collaboration, easy to use, and is highly motivating for both teachers and students! Instructional Technology Coach    
Rwakyera James I love PBwiki for the availed simple and cost effective information sharing mechanisms that has enabled thousands share development information on various aspects as well as giving a cyber space for the silent voices. Regional ICT liaisons officer    
John Martin I'll be teaching my grad course in it this summer! It is a great tool for constructivist and student centric teaching and learning! Coordinator of Learning Technologies    
Kristi Betts It is so easy to understand and set up a wiki. I love the new options. It will be a breeze to teach my peers how to use this great technology in order to communicate effectively and professionally with one another. Librarian / Instructional Technology Specialist    
Shawn Brandt Easy to use, effeceint way to communitcate, new way to teach/learn, and free! I can introduce this to a group of teachers and have their sites going in a matter of minutes. Teachers love that! Technology Integration Specialist    

Dave Duarte



I use PBwiki to organise events, collaborate on projects and organise my own thinking. It's fast, intuitive, easy to use and looks good when you format it properly. The option of keeping it private or public is important too. Most of all, it's re Marketing Geek    

Adam Gibson It makes collaboration easy! Student Teacher    
miguel Caraballo It is an awesome place for people and groups to collaborate and adds depth to instructional design possibilities. instructional designer    
Geoff Orme Because of the AWESOME toolbar, templates, embedded content and the skins! You guys have done a great job of finding that balance between user-friendly and customizable/flexible. Then of course there is the name - BRILLIANT! Everyone I tell about PBWik Teacher-Librarian    
Nhan Chiang Very useful tool for communicating among colleagues Research Assistant    
Ryan Peeler It has saved me incredible amounts of time in nearly every substantial collaborative experience I've had in the past year. Ideas are simple to track and improve, and group project timelines are shortened as a result. PBwiki created vacation time for me      
Steve Lawson It just works! Easy to use, the free product is still very useful/usable, the ability to make a private wiki. Humanities Librarian    
Molly Scanlan My favorite flavor Director    
Raesin Caine I love PBwiki because it has helped me organize a project with a colleague who telecommutes and keeps very different hours from mine. He can see the progress I'm making, keep track of what has and hasn't been done, and update the wiki accordingly.  PBwiki has really helped us streamline this project. Forensic Associate    
Kevin Byrne It brings people together in a spirit of teamwork and collaboration. Senior Lecturer    
April Chamberlain I love PBwiki because it is the only one that I have found that does not let me edit on top of each other's work easily. I have wikispaces, seedwiki, jotspot, and wetpaint account which I have used professionally and personally. I like certain aspects o District Technology Integration Specialist    
Dale Soules You take care of the IT level and give me the graceful level. Keep it going. Thanks, Dale. Library Technician    
Aneesh Nainani PBWiki cares for its users. I remember an incident when PBWiki was out of order due to some server outage - The PBWiki team kept us updated on as-it-happens basis to get the site up and running. That was really touching ! Final Year Student, IIT-Bombay    
Arturo J. Ortiz PBwikis are easy to work with as well as fun.      
Emilie Satterwhite Easy to edit for beginners, highly customizable for more advanced users Adult Services Reference Librarian    
Dan Weinstein PBwiki allow me to conveniently enable students to create annotated bibliographies (with live links to web based resources) to help the class prepare for and develop class discussion. Associate Professor of English

Dakota State University

Madison, SD


Carol Chastain Ad free sites. This will keep the students focused on learning and keep them from straying into areas that could have adverse effects on them. Assistant Title 1 Director, Blount County Schools    
Jordan McClain Because it is fun to use! student    
Erwan Gouëllo it's free, the connection is fast, it's simple to use and you can protect the wiki with a password, very usefull with a class... maths teacher    
Marie Coleman This incredible software graciously allows (ad-free to educators) a chance to pedagogically collaborate with our students. As the world's knowledge base continues to grow, it is imperative that students understand the constant creation of content and the Media Specialist    
Behling Kirsten It is a great tool for both faculty and students to use in presenting assignments and bodies of student work. Very easy and very adaptable. Educational Designer    
Dave Fontaine The ease of use and simplicity make it an easy 'sell' to teachers for integration. Internet Librarian and Professor of Education    
Randy Rivers I'm just learning to use it, but I'm impressed with the company's willingness to help me to better understand how wiki's can be used in education! School District Superintendent    
Andrea Keuchel It's so easy, even an elementary school student can use it!!! teacher    
Jennifer Breaux My students and I LOVE it! It allows students to be creative with technology and post information that they have to research, learn, and format. They learn invaluable information! High School English Teacher    
Elise Abram Great way to engage students in collaborative classroom project; excellent way to create seminar-style lessons for senior students. Department Head, Computer Studies    
John Maklary Free and easy to use in the classroom. Kids love the ease and the templates. Technology Coordinator    
Donna Griffin It's educator-friendly. It makes my students' work easily accessible for family/friends. It's kid-friendly. Teacher    
Natalie Pang Really friendly, simply, and quick to use! It took me less than 15 mins to set up my first wiki using PBwiki, complete with pictures and content. I got hooked ever since! Phd Candidate / Senior Tutor    
Ryan Pfister It just works. It was the first system I found that I can use to take notes and organize any information I have, without my having to preconfigure it or write my own code. I use it on a daily basis and it's enabled me to become more effective at my job an Reporter/Web Editor    
Melissa Handy I love that pbwiki empowers teachers to fully utilize the amazing communications power of the web without have to be web design experts. Students are right at home on the web and have come to expect teachers to be on board. Now they can be. Technology Coordinator    
Darshell Silva I love PB wiki because it's a means of expression, communication, collaboration, teaching, and learning all in one! Teacher Librarian    
Michael Feldman After more than 20 years of applying cutting edge technology to the higher education classroom, WIKIs are the best combination of robust information management and easy accessability we have found, and PB Wiki is the best Wiki provider out there. Senior Lecturer    
Polly Hoover I've used it for a year now for my humanities classes, and it is particularly flexible and easy tool for students who come from a variety of tech backgrounds and from a variety of places. Assistant Professor    
Marcus Sonsteby It allows me to organize my thoughts and access them anywhere. Wikis allow me to collaborate with other creative indiduals to produce films and other art. Student Filmmaker    
diana ostrander, Ph.D. I love it because it allows me to have a web site without a lot of technical experience or know-how. English Composition instructor    
Kim LaPlante It is a informal collaboration tool that my library staff can use for procedures, policies, and a bulletin, and my family can use for a calendar, event-planning, and a gift wish list. Library Manager    
Sandra Gassner Educator friendly! Easy to use! Aligned with Front Page! Easy on the eye! Supervisor of Technology    
Ryan Bretag As an instructional technologist, I love PBwiki because it allows educators to be educators instead of forcing them to be technicians. I show them the value of using Wikis to support their instructional and curricular goals and they are able to jump right Instructional Technology Trainer    
Richard Ehrlich Ease of use for non-techies. Chief Cook & Bottle Washer    
Paul Mitchell It is a fantastic site for posting curriculum related material, and makes a great forum for engaging students in classroom discussion. Working in Singapore, many Asian students are unfamiliar with a seminar environment and expect lectures. I use the wik Associate Professor    
Carol Hix The ease of use is #1. My students are able to editi their pages with little problems. I appreciate being able to assess my students' work anywhere, anytime I have internet access. The studnets work on a much higer level when they know that their wo Technology Educator    
Brenda Sherry I love it because it's a safe and easy way for teachers to get students collaborating. The interface it intuitive and easy to use and it leaves most of a teacher's energy to focus on the learning and not the tool. Special Education Itinerant Technology Teacher    
Steve Epstein SOOO easy for the novice. Real power for the informed. The price is a nice bonus. (The videos on YouTube are great.) Asst. Prof,/ Director of Honors Progam    
Lisa Schwartz Since I started using PBWiki to organize a website for a group of prestigious and famous Latino professors of education, I have fallen in love with the ability to quickly set up a place for people to network, for projects bigs and small (I even have one I Learning Materials Editor and Outreach Coordinator    
Anthony Azevedo I need a place for cerebral runoff. PBwiki is a great receptacle. Graduate Student Instructor    
Dari Sylvester I love PBwiki because it allows me to keep in regular contact with students and other researchers without exchanging a million emails. It eliminates redundancy. Professor    
Billy Wu I am not a big fan of peanut butter, and I am a big fan of wiki. Pbwiki is the most user-friendly I can find. "Simple is beautiful" applies to modern technology, too. Assistant Professor    
Judy Mack So easy to use and successful in co-operation between schools. HOD Languages    
Jesus Alvarez Utilizo PBWiki como una herramienta docente para el trabajo colaborativo en clases.  Considero que es fácil de usar y gusta mucho a mis alumnos una vez que han aprendido su  utilización. Quizás falte ya una versión en español. Profesor    

Gordana Panijan Because even my oldest U3A members (who are otherwise mystified by the IT technology altogether!) can use it straight away, after only one presentation and a couple of hours instruction. I'm using it in my class projects and also on a personal level with English teacher/Owner of a Foreign Language Center    
Anne Fox Because of the collaboration opportunities it offers regardless of physical distance between collaborators. English teacher/trainer    
Sarah Guth I love pbwiki because the basic version is free and this gave me a chance to experiment with it and see how great it can be. I love pbwiki because there's no advertising all over the page as is the case in other free wikis. I love pbwiki because the servi English language teacher    
Frank Rennie It is SO easy to use and so intuitive,,, it does the job exactly and we find that even people (of all ages) who are no so confident in using computers can use pbwiki with very little training. Head of Research    
Ron Houtman Because I can set up a fantastic active learning environment without involving the IT department! DIY is the best. Technology Instructor    
Cary Harrod PBWiki is easy to use and offers teachers an authentic way in which to have students collaboratively create masterpieces! The creators of PBWiki did an awesome job of considering features that are flexible and intuitive. Learning Technology Facilitator    
Mary Ann Mazza I love it for it's ease of use. I love the look, simple but sophisticated! Library Media Specialist    
Amber Teamann As busy as my days already are, I appreciate the simplicity of a tool that helpe me do my job better, not make it harder. I want t do fun things with my students, but can't handle any more stress, pressure or financial costs! PBWiki doesn't involve any of Teacher/trainer    
Mary LeCompte It is very a convenient way to save and organize information. Wiki's have many various uses. You can stay in touch with people, you can use one for your personal information, you can organize an activity or project, you can share information. PBWiki is Library Assistant   Mom
kathy shields PB Wiki is a friendly, functional collaboration tool for adults and students. teacher    
T.J. Schilling I love the pride people have feeling their "work" is published. Technology Director    
Fran Harrison It's a great way for a large staff to stay connected! Librarian    
Judith Scharf I think it is a great vehicle for students to continue class discussions on their own time. Teacher    
Arshia Iqbal PBwiki gives me an oppurtunity to freely express my opinions and thoughts Associate Analyst    
Tom Stone Ease of use; user friendly; WYSIWYG editor; peanut butter rocks! Senior eLearning Consultant    
Jason Fischetti I feel that the PBwiki is such a user friendly tool. It also provides the teacher with a forum to reach the students outside of the classroom. Technology Teacher    
Charlene Entman It's a great way for teachers to create a class wiki for a variety of activities. It's easy to use, has privacy settings and it's free. Web Developer    
Carol Reinhard It allows me to teach almost paperlessly. It also allows students who are absent for any extended period of time, to keep up on assingments. I can create a powerpoint of direction for an assignment, include rubrics for students to evaluate their work be Teacher/Librarian    
Patricia Sachse Students love to research, write and post their work to share with others! It is a huge motivator for students! Teacher    
Alan Creel PBwiki opens doors to put the power of the web into the hands of ordinary people. Plus it is easy and fun to use! Tool Designer    
Sameer Niphadkar Freedom of Expression and ideas Student    
Mona Edwards It provides an online opportunity to discuss reading with students and faculty at school and with our sister school in Israel. Library Media Specialist    
Steve Barbera My group members and I were participating in a debate with students from Germany. To prepare for the debate we needed to write a paper. Instead of emailing the pieces of the paper back and forth or posting our paper and research on the forum, I created Student    
Sharon Peters Great tech support and active user support Teacher of English    
Jeanne Rogers Great ability to network with colleagues. Easy and user friendly format. Instructional Technology Specialist    
Quentin D'Souza The new wysiwyg and it is now ad free for educators!! Elementary Resource Teacher Academic Information and Communication Technology    
Craig Scribner I love the fact that I can easily maneuver through your system. It is so easy for my students to navigate. Thanks! Technology Integration Specialist    
Tom Bertrand It is a great tool for warehousing documents and for collaboration of our team when we are working on a common venture. Superintendent    
Jonathan Wamsley I think sites such as PBWiki allow nearly unending opportunities for teachers, parents, and students. Communication and collaboration are cornerstones of our profession, and PBWiki may help us to advance in both areas. 7th Grade English Instructor    
Sue Becker 1. easy to use 2. easy to teach 3. easy to integrate 4. doesn't scare the users 5. does what I want it to do 6. the price is right 7. I'm hoping the owners will give me kits so that all of the above is even better 8. what could be bad about an orga Tech Coordinator    
Nathaniel Cordova Ease of use! Lighthearted, public option, makes it easy for neophytes! Assistant Professor    
Joseph Judy Easy to use, flexible and is popular with the students. Director, Information & Technology Services    
James Hausman III I love the ability to produce a useable website without the complicated jargon of computer and web design foreign to most of us. Secondary English Teacher    
David Lindsay What's not to love?! I love how my classroom's website is dynamic and authored mainly by the students. I love how easy it is to edit pages. I love how I can provide meaningful multimedia and internet media support for topics I'm teaching in class. I love Tech coordinator/teacher    
Mary Jagiello Ease of use and levels of security Coordinator, Technology Services    
Jill Castek I use PB wiki extensively as an interactive writing tool with K-12 students. We love the instantaneousness of it and the way it allows us to collaborate with others outside the boundries of our classroom. Awesome tool! Educational Researcher    
Joseph House its very easy Writer of Novles    
Melissa Leone it's so easy to use! teachers and students pick up on it very quickly. Director of Tech    
Connie Lindsey I love the fact that you offer free sites that are so easy to set up. These two facts make it easier to convince teachers to try using wikis with their classes. I also love the clean, professional layout design. Teacher Consultant    
June Keuhn I love PBwiki because it provides a password protected site that my teachers can access on their own time, any time.      
Michelle Waycott The ease and versatility of use is excellent. The support is great and the collaborative environment it ingenders is essential to many new approaches to teaching, learning and doing research. Associate Professor    
John Broadley It offers a way to help students develop solutions. Special Educator    
ChienLiang Lee Because it's really good to use Chinese Tradition language.I've tried other wiki system. But their system ar not good enough. And PBwiki is cool to display. And The speed is fast to Taiwan user. Monitor    
Martha House It allows me to collaborate with people on all kinds of projects with ease. High School Librarian    
Melissa Rentchler Ease of use. Two editors. Many pages. Unlimited changes. Layout. Ease to teach how to use. Clean and minimal. No ads. Upgradeability. Good support team. Support sites: blogs, forums, free coding for enhancements. Cool goodies available to sprea Library Media Teacher    
Mario Nunez It is the easiest wiki system in the world Associate Dean    
Janetta Garton I love the power of wikis: ease of use, no software to install, free, collaboration options, safety features, etc. In education there are so many possibilities. Technology Curriculum Director    
Randy Meredith Ease of use, It's Free, It's intuitive Director of Academic Technology    
Susan Ernst I love PBwiki because it's so easy to use! Teacher    
Ron Burnett It is the simplest and clearest as well best designed Wiki site that I have found. President    
Rosemary Parmigiani It is easier to use than other wiki's Adjunct Professor    
Lisa Donahue I created a wiki so that the teachers in my school could collaborate and "meet" without haviing to actually hold a meeting. We have been using it to document, plan, socialize, share and offer support. The wiki worked so well that we created a second one f      
Norman Rose I like the idea of people being able to create their own Web sites (Hey, I said my t-shirt size was Small. I'm 5'4" and 110 pounds. Did I choose right?) Instructor    
Eric Langhorst Easy to use, powerful, like the ability to have closed or open wikis. teacher    
Teri Vogel Because I can easily and quickly create a functional website, whether I use it as a training tool for a staff development workshop on using wikis or I need to create a web guide for a library instruction session for a chemistry class. Chemistry Librarian    
Rebecca Pilver It is so easy to use and the possibilities for education are endless. Professional Developer    
Alex Droege I love PBwiki because my teachers find so many different ways to use it with their students. It's easy to learn and manage, and my teachers tell me that parents love it, too. The most powerful way to use it, I think, is for collaborative writing proje Instructional Technology Coordinator    
Sarah Willey I am finding it a great tool to use with my administrators. They are a diverse group who is geographically very spread out. This will enable us to share information and ideas with each other without spending so much time in the car! Assistant Regional Superintendent    
Joanne Kedzierski It really facilitates collaborative work and puts all of us - i.e. our work - in one space. Lecturer    
Van Hnem Bualteng The fact that learners can participate in publishing project even if they are not working together physically. Graduate Assistant    
Amy Stammerjohn It is a safe and engaging way to increase the interest of my students in ANY subject matter. Students of all levels can be successful demonstrating their knowledge. Students are eager to read their classmates entries and work collaboratively to enhance Teacher    
Lauren Bernero It is a great way for teachers to share information and ideas with each other. Lead Teacher    
Thomas Davis It provides a super easy way for a community to work collaboratively to maintain a website instead of hiring a technical expert. I also love the plugins and templates! Director of Interfaith Tedh Associates    
Joyce Houle I appreciate PBwiki because one person no longer has to be the only person maintaining the web site. It's difficult for information to be updated often when everything needs to be channeled through one busy webmaster. More people use the site if it is dy instructor Pendleton Oregon  
Garrett Dodge As an MBA student I work on many group projects. PBwiki has been a great way for me to collaborate with my group members. One of my favorite features is the ability to get updates when people make changes to the page. MBA Student    
Doug Achterman Versatile, flexible, facilitates collaborative knowledge building. I have done several conference presentations about wikis and always recommend pbwiki. I'm especially happy about the new WYSIWYG editor--like seedwiki's, but more stable... Library Media Teacher    
Catherine Rodriguez because it is easy to use, and users must sign in to access, a fantastic tool for teachers to use with students in the classroom~ Consultant-Los Angeles County Office of Education    
Terry Burres It is great for posting class syllabi and other classroom communication. Information Tech II    
Glenda Dewbre It is easy to use, cost effective, and prepares students for the use of online work in college. I really came out of my shell with online discussions in college. I think it can give a new dimension to the classroom. Library Media Specialist    
Diane Walton i love PBwiki because it lets everybody in to the game.      
Mary Sue Stephenson Are you kidding? It's a great package and is ideally suited for both instructional purposes and use by students both as part of their education and also to support their needs once they are in their professional work environments. I'd really appreciate Coord. of Information Technology; Chair, MLIS program    
Steve Borrelli I dig PBwiki because of ease of use. From setting up to editing the product is great. Combine that with the PBwiki blog and the usually quick response time for inquiries makes the product an easy alternative to other wikis that necessitate quite a bit m Instructional Design Librarian    
Kate O'Neill It expands both the breadth and depth of my students knowledge on a given topic. Instructor    
Nancy Sharoff Because it's user (read, 'teacher') friendly. Teacher/Professional Developer    
Dawn Howard It is the perfect collaboration and knowledge management tool that is easy to learn and use!      
Julia Colby I love the functionality of wikis. I would love to get the staff at my school to use wikis for their classroom. I absolutely love your formatting toolbar and the functionality you allow us to do to our wikis. I plan on learning a lot more about pbwiki n Instructional Technology Specialist    
John Rivera I enjoy the synchronous plug-ins that make PBwiki more robust than other wiki services. This includes the chat feature and the YackPack walkie talkie tool. Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator    
Kelli Erwini Safe and easy way to communicate and share ideas with students and educators. Instructional Technology Specialist    
Kristine Haller I think it is an innovative, collaborative tool that provides students and teachers the ability to share ideas and assignments not limited to time and place. Instructional Technology Specialist    
Terri Friedlander Great communication and collaboration tool for groups dispersed in various locations to keep up with each other and share information and resources. Director Academy of Intl Business    
Kara Monroe It's easy to use and a great Wiki solution for non techies and educators Adjunct Faculty Williamsburg IN  
Tony Bailey A versatile, easy to use and value for money resource. Thank You Curriculum ICT Adviser    
Melanie Sage We can collaborate without having to sit in meetings all night, and interface is very easy/intuitive. I love that it has tracking tools that let us move backward even as we move forward, and we don't have to edit our collaborative work via flying microso Secretary, Board of Directors Portland OR  
Mijana Lockard Because it allows my students to feel accomplished authors!!!! teacher lakeland Florida  
Theresa Carpenter It is new and innovative. Instructional Technology Coach Green Cove Springs Florida  
Sheri Edwards I love PBwiki for its ease of use and access from anywhere I hook up to the Internet. My parents and students know what we work on in class, and I can create or link to resources for them. I plan to include more interactive work in the future, once our teacher Coulee Dam WA  
Dynita Padgett Because it is a way for me and my learning community to communicate, collaborate, and share with each other and other educators. Also, it is easy to use. The novice will feel confident using the wiki. Third grade teacher Pensacola Florida  
Gillian Cowell It is nice to look at, has brilliant features I haven't found elsewhere and even I can use it!!! Plus it's great for community work where budgets are low and participants are new to Internet representation (well in my area anyway) so it's less scary. Community Volunteer    
Marsha Spiegelman No learning curve. Pbwiki is intuitive and edible right out of the virtual box. You can use it plain or add your own ingredients to make a delicious presentation of collaborative work. Associate Professor    
Heidi Walsh So easy to use, even those with little experience can dive in and get started with little support. It makes it easy for a geographically disperse and isolated community to communicate and work together to achieve incredible results. Comments from the user Senior Tutor    
Anna Love My students and I can communicate with each other in a new and innovative way. And teachers are very excited about it when I show them. It's easy and unintimidating. technology coach Fort Smith AR  
Susan Sorrells Sharing ideas with others! Knowing that other teachers are interested in using technology as a TOOL in the classroom instead of a gaming station! Library Media Specialist Arkadelphia AR  
Dan Clark It's simple for faculty to set up and manage, giving them an opportunity to 'get their feet wet' using wikis for their classes Academic Technology Manager West Hartford CT  
Lori Reed How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... There's point and click editing, plug-in-ability, pictures for pages, plus it's free! elementary technology specialist Kress Texas  
Christopher Nitti Because it allows a totally accessible method for secondary education instructors to create an online colloquy for their students. It's an awesome opportunity for students to take ownership of their own presence online. Master Digital Educator Newberry FL  
Nancy Kuznicki Encourages collaboarative communication between peers and students. A means to share and grow in technology intergration. Technology Specialist Largo Florida  
Hope Kennedy Communication is great between students and peers using PBwiki! Thank you!!! Technology Teacher Safety Harbor FL  
KILICKAYA FERIT It's quick and code-free. RESEARCH ASSISTANT    
Thorald Burnham It allows for a method of communication that is easier than email, for a large discussion group and even encourages some creative thought. Instructor, Canadian University College Lacombe Alberta  
Robin Ellis It is a wonderful tool to engage students in their learning! Instructional Technology Specialist Doylestown PA  
Mary Al-Saleh I love the potential for collaboration, creativity and connectedness. Since I represent the educational community, I want to touch both my students and the faculty I mentor. Having a wiki, is both fun and exciting. I can't wait to learn more and demo thei Nurse Educator, Faculty Development Entrepreneur Glendale Arizona  

Ronald Tidd Because it provides my students the means to learn about the tools that they will be using when they start their careers and it is easy to use. Professor Ellensburg WA  
Gayle Underwood

I love using PBWiki because it's as easy at making a PB sandwich!! I even have my students with special needs working on their own wiki...


Look at our Wiki we used for our conference. We had presenters from all over the state of Michigan.  PBWiki was perfect to have all the presetners post their handouts.  Even if a participant missed a session, they could still get another presenter's handouts just by going to the Wiki.  Presenters loved being able to post info after the conference, so participants could be kept up to date without having to worry about sending email to people who might not be interested. 


Oh yeah, PBWiki's are comercial free for educators!  All I had to do was mention that info and everyone took note!


Make sure you check out my picture...I'm schmoozing with Ramit at a conference...(scroll over to the right)


Technology Integration Consultant,

Allegan Area Education Service Agency


Allegan, MI  
Jeri Hurd It's a great interactive tool for classes, allowing students to make/create their own meaning and invididualize their education.   Pittsburgh PA  
Garrick Ducat Because it is so easy to use even a faculty member could use it :) Instructional Designer Bowling Green OH  
Judy Baker This wiki has the best editor I've seen so far. Also, the plug-ins are very useful. Dean Los Altos Hills CA  
Deborah Blackman Peanut Butter without the calories! Love being able to dive in -- hands on. Librarian Minden Nevada  
Renee Martin PBwiki has changed the way I teach. It is a tremendous tool for my first grade students and their parents to use to explore and share information. Its uses are limitless. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource to us! First Grade Teacher Fremont CA  
August-Marie Wagner-Richardson It's the simpliest way to get kids and adults involved in web design and easy for me to teach! We already have 3 participant sites up and I have 2 myself for personal use. I love using it for feildtrips, personal vacations and lesson plan layouts. It Community Education & Technology Coordinator Milwaukee Wisconsin  
Cheryl Styskal Very cool application for engaging students in real world connections, using tech to get them excited in new ways. Teacher Austin TX  
Zee Ann Poerio It is the perfect way to communicate with others from a distance to plan meetings, has great potential for classroom use, gives you the ability to post materials for easy access, saves trees (eliminate handouts for presentations), holds everything you nee Teacher Upper St. Clair PA  
Debbie Smith

I love it because it is a prime example of how anything in life can be tailored to fit the needs of a wide range of users. It is easy enough for the lowest-end user to feel successful and yet has enough advanced options for the high-end user.


Campus Technology Coordintator Austin TX  
Arturo Guajardo Let me count the ways... 1. The wide range of formatting options (much better than wikispaces). 2. Easy way to create pages from the link button. 3. Four words: The Side Bar Rocks!!! 4. Awesome plug-in options. 5. WYSIWYG!!! Instructional Technology Facilitator Austin Texas  
Linda Uhrenholt WOW! Where do I start! It has made presenting a BREEZE! AT&T Education Advocate Walnut Creek CA  
 Marcio Schenkel   Liberdade!   signindument.pbwiki.com/    Porto Alegre/ Brasil  
 Vincent Theraisnathan  Wiki  is wonderful tool for education, it helps me a lot.    Ohio  
 Stephanie Rushley  PBWiki has helped me save all of my papers to an online source.  I am very fond of writing and this gives me a chance to reflect and seeing how my writing style has changed as I go along.     Virginia    
 Bonnie Maye PBWiki is where I saved my masters work, collaborated with my masters' cohort on various projects, and where my students keep their work for my classes. There is also a PBWiki or two for our professional learning community (not much use yet, but getting there)  Computer Teacher and Ed Tech Support for schools in the district. California    
 Suranjan Ghoshal  I use pbwiki for the teaching programme for the Junior Doctors in my department (Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Rochdale Infirmary, Lancashire, UK).  It is very intuitive and as a result, VERY useful!  Congratulations and thanks for the Craetion and Maintenance of this wonderful idea!  Teacher for Medical Education  Rochdale Infirmary, UK    













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