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 How Do I Embed Animoto?

  • In Animoto:
    • Click on Post/Embed Online
    • Keep clicking the right arrow until you see "Other Sites"
    • Copy the HTML code
    • Click OK
  • On your wiki page:
    • Click on "Insert Plugin"
    • HTML and Java
    • Paste in the HTML code
    • Preview
    • OK
    • Save 

Thoughts about Animoto in the classroom

"I've had BTEC students use animoto as the background to a presentation they were giving on their work experience placement. It made a refreshing change from staring at endless wordy powerpoints!" 

"I used animoto with 4th graders to replace an "old fashioned" written report on a country of their choice.  They were graded on their research notes, their animoto, and how well they were able to answer questions from their peers after the animoto showing.  Very successful experience all the way around." 

"I have used animoto often and like the way in which it encourages students to think deeply about a topic by weaving together images, music and words."