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  Powerpoint Presentations







Powerpoint Presentation

The PowerPoint slideshow plugin works in conjunction with Slideshare.net.  Just as YouTube takes videos and makes them viewable to anyone on the Internet, Slideshare.net takes  PowerPoint files and does the same thing.  Here's how you can use our plugin to embed slideshows made on Slideshare.net. 

  1. At Slideshare.net, create a slideshow by uploading your own Powerpoint file.
  2. While viewing the Slideshow, the embed code is available in the Embed field.  Click on this embed field and press Ctrl+C (Command+C on the Mac) to copy.
  3. Click the edit tab on any page to enter edit mode for the page you want the slideshow to be on.
  4. Click the "Insert Plugin" button.
  5. Choose, "PowerPoint slideshow" from the Office Applications category.
  6. Paste in your embed code into the box provided.
  7. Click Preview, and then OK.

  8. Remember to save the page.